Old as &^%(

Nightclub Doorman in movie Knocked Up:…. I can’t let you in cause you’re old as *&^%. For this club, you know, not for the earth…..

I had forgotten how chaotic college registration could be…. First I walked into the cafeteria of the school since that was where the letter I had received instructed me to go. That room had trendy club music playing in the background and tables filled with enthusiastic, bright-eyed, bushy tailed students waiting for the presentation to start. Several student advisors were available to assist with registration. All this made me wonder why I had waited so long to get back to school! Just look at how excited everyone is!
With that thought I got on line and patiently waited for my turn to give my name to the lady with the enormous roster list. She flipped through all the pages looking for my name to no avail when she looked up and carefully analyzed my face. Suddenly it appeared that the light bulb went off in her brain!
“Oh I’m sorry! This registration is only for those students under the age of 25. YOU have to go to the line down the hall for the adult continuing students!”
WELL if I didn’t feel old before I sure as hell felt old as ^&%$ at that moment! Hmmmm… I wonder what gave me away? The kiddie stickers on my coat or the bags under my eyes? I couldn’t help but chuckle as I walked down the hall way to my ‘elderly’ counterparts…
That room was quite different. Dimly lit and cramped the room had only 5 chairs, one overwhelmed advisor and a room full of miserable adults. Several women had cranky toddlers in tow while everyone else either napped or played words with friends. Resigned to my fate of being labelled as “old as &^$*” I stood in the doorway for my turn to be registered.

Two hours later after pouring over the course listing to find classes that wouldn’t interfere with my Apraxia 101 classes, Boogie’s swim class, Boogie’s cheerleading or work I finally settled on 3 courses this semester. The first step in the journey of my dream of becoming a social worker.

I may not be 18, but I think returning to school at the age 33 has made me more aware of just how important an education really is. I am, however, just as eager to fulfill my goals as that room full of 18 year olds and maybe even more hopeful to make a difference….



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  1. georgemc68
    Jan 07, 2012 @ 00:13:20

    Now we all know that second room with the adults in it is the “reality room” . We’ve all been to fantasy land, and those younger students havent got a clue what’s in store when they get out of college.
    Now my love, as I always tell you every day here is an open reminder.
    You are a very beautiful woman, mother of two and my best friend. You are (as they say) like fine wine, only gets better with age. However there is a flaw with this saying. They cannot place you in any bottle. You are that exclusive blend that I always enjoy, no matter what time it is.
    Love, Hubby


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