Here we go again….


As I was sifting through an obscene amount of emails at work today my phone rang and I looked over at my the caller ID. It was Eli’s school calling.. Oh boy… Something was telling me that this would NOT be a good phone call.

I picked up the phone nervously and said hello. His teacher went on to explain that it was Eli’s second day displaying very defiant behaviors. He fought her on everything; from coloring to snack time to playing with friends. A classmate snatched a toy away from him so he shoved the little boy to the side. When his teacher tried to make him comply with an assignment he yelled no and swatted at her. So here we go again…

He had gone through a good two months with no defiance issues. I would hold my breath everyday as I saw his teacher’s phone number on my caller ID and waited for his daily update. Everyone has their bad days, but with Eli the bad days are so much more pronounced since he has no words to communicate. When he does try to use the words that he knows they are so garbled that few people understand him. So the only way he can express himself are with non compliant actions; pushing, yelling, etc. I can only try to imagine how frustrating it must be try to tell people what you want with babble, gestures, jumping up and down, only to get the ‘Scooby Doo face.’



To add insult to injury, his teacher also threw the dreaded term ‘possible regression’ out there. I felt chills run down my spine. There are few terms that a parent of a child with a special needs hates more than to hear the word ‘regression.’
It basically means that all the progress that your child has worked so hard to achieve is starting to roll backwards down the hill. I pride myself in considering a painfully realistic person; even when it comes to my son. So I am not quite sure how two days of bratty behavior would constitute a regression, but nonetheless I will keep a sharp eye on my little guy.

I am especially worried since Eli is scheduled to start his new school this coming Monday and I can only hope that he revert back to the sweet little boy that I know he can be.

Sigh… Things could be worse, but I can’t help to feel the slow poison of anxiety and fear begin to spread through me again. I just pray that it’s only temporary.


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