My hatred for snow (the white crap)


Ok so I will officially proclaim once and for all that I hate the winter! This one season makes me want move to California and risk my life with an earthquake than to deal with this damned snow every year. I hate this white crap called snow. People that say that they just LOVE watching snow fall make me want to kick them! Yes it’s beautiful once it falls, but then it turns into ugly, gray slush that lingers what seems like forever.


Not to mention it makes navigating roads practically impossible. I think we had about 5 inches of snow. (People in Minnesota must be trying hard to restrain their snorts of laughter… yes I know)
However, even the slightest bit of any type of precipitation converts my fellow Jerseyans into complete idiots on the road. Therefore, I missed my first class yesterday. It really bugged me to do so, but I did not want to encounter an accident out there.


If it weren’t because I am determined that my children not have the same experiences that I had moving schools constantly (…and the thought of starting from scratch with Eli’s IEP makes me shudder..) then I would have moved some where longer a looooong time ago. This weather makes me downright cranky, miserable. I walk into work everyday with a scowl on my face as I strip off the endless layers of outerwear.

So I apologize in advance for my bitchy behavior.. Feel free to ignore me until the first day of sunny, 60 degree weather comes along 🙂




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