As summer winds down and autumn quietly descends upon us I begin to reflect on all the has been accomplished and all that is left to be done.

In a nutshell:

Boogie went to day camp all summer at a lake about 45 minutes away from here in what I think is in a pretty rural part of the state. She ran around, swam, played and is now a taller, leaner, tanner, more confident little girl than when she started. She is now a swimming queen and a Minnow I (yay!)…. I am truly blessed to have a daughter like her. Don’t get me wrong; she has her moments like any other kid, but she displays a level of patience and maturity that I never possessed at that age. She is my joy, my heart, my pride.

Eli attended his school’s extended school year program (ESY) and did great! I worried over whether he would adapt well to the new school building, classroom, teacher, aides, babysitter. After a few rocky days Mommy was pleasantly surprised when he started going to swim class at school, participated in the school summer production on stage (He didn’t run off the stage!!) and even started sitting on the potty. Ok no willing peeing yet, but we’ll get there. More words are coming out now and with improved intonation with a wider variety of sounds. Thanks to his speech therapist’s tenacity Eli goes to speech happy and compliant. It truly amazes me when I think of all the things that he has had to overcome. All the things that we take for granted with other children that are easy for them seem like insurmountable, looming mountains for Eli. We cheer each accomplishment and for those few moments of joy we forget the worries..

I finished two summer courses with A’s and completed the CASA training course that I always wanted to do. The fall semester brings me four classes, five times a week. Those courses plus my spring courses should hopefully mean that I will graduate in May (yay!). In addition to that I am going to be doing another training course for an amazing opportunity to learn to become a better advocate for my son and others; this one is one weekend a month for eight months. I only pray that my kids and hubby won’t forget what I look like until May (Thanks Hon.. Love you).

On another note, Team Elias is ready for the 2012 Apraxia Walk/Run on September 9th! Last year, a few days after Eli was diagnosed, we participated in our first Apraxia Walk. As we were waiting for the walk portion of the even to start we sat on the sidelines as the runners for the 5K crossed the finish line. Towards the end of the pack was a lady that ran with more determination than the others. She looked a bit out of shape and I wondered why she was running. As she crossed the finish line I saw her run to her little boy and give him a big hug with a joyous look on their faces. It dawned on me that she ran for her little boy with apraxia. Our children have to fight so much to do tasks that are seamless for us, but difficult for them. If my Eli can be a fighter then so can I. So despite Hubby repeatedly asking me, ‘Are you sure you want to run?’ (FYI I hate exercise..) I signed up for the 5K run. I’m not sure if I’ll run the whole thing, but I’ll make it across that finish line somehow!

If you’d like to support Team Elias for the 2012 Apraxia Walk/Run by running, walking (the more, the merrier!) or donating please go to

Wish me luck! 😉