Back on track!! (For now)

Ok so I am admittedly horrible at keeping New Year’s resolutions! Not only did I fail miserably at my diet goals (I actually gained 15 pounds), but I didn’t keep my promise about continuing my blog.

So dammit! Now I am back on track! Between, school, kids and work it’s been a little crazy to say the least… Hubby has had to pick up a lot of slack and it hasn’t been easy. Even with his help I am freakin’ exhausted constantly and dragging myself around….. I have got to get my butt back to working out!

However, I am still no longer smoking (yay) and still in school, doing well! My determination there hasn’t waned!! I’d like to be done with my associate degree in a year so that I can transfer to a 4 year school ASAP.

Eli is doing well in his new school. I am blessed to have a wonderful team working with Eli. These ladies have hearts of gold and the patience of saints! Honestly, I don’t know how they do it, but they have found ways to work around his bull headed ways. They don’t give up and are determined to help him which finally gives me the peace that I didn’t have before. Speech therapy was increased from 2 times a week to 3 times a week and physical therapy two times per week was added to the mix. The physical therapy is new to the IEP since he is walking and on the surface looks ok. However, when further observing him you can see that he doesn’t have the fluidity in his movements that other 4 year olds have. He almost seems to toddle at times. When he was evaluated it was found that he has low tone in his upper body and his balance leaves more to be desired. Occupational therapy stays the same and he still has speech privately here at home 1-2 times per week. This is the comprehensive plan that I had been dreaming of for Eli! I am so happy with his new school, his teachers, his therapists. He even loves his bus driver and is thrilled to see the bus aide and bus driver every morning. Eli’s progress is slow, but moving forward! More and more approximations, words and new things in general are sprouting all the time. Yes there have been times that Apraxia and what it does to Eli has brought me to me knees with tears and frustration, but he is such a resilient little boy.. I admire his determination and guts (ok not so much when he refuses to be potty trained : / ).

Boogie is great! Doing wonderfully in school!ย She’s done with cheerleading clinic and swimming for the season, but still in Girl Scouts. ย She is so extroverted, athletic and happy.. I am truly blessed. Thanks to grandma, Adriana will be at an awesome camp at a lake where she will be outside all day long. She is truly a joy; I love having a daughter like her ๐Ÿ™‚

Though I trip and fall from time to time (lick my wounds and put some band-aids on) on the road of life, I eventually meander my way back on track….. Thank God.



Success!!!! Eli survived the intake evaluation and the evaluators did not leave the room running! ๐Ÿ™‚
Seriously, Eli did way better than I thought that he would. Thank God! There were some tears of course, but nothing that wouldn’t be typical of what any other 4 year old would do in an unfamiliar place and environment. The pleasant surprise that I wished for yesterday came true today.. Besides a little bit of tears, he was quite charming and showed his playful side as the school administrators admired all of Eli’s dimples. He can be quite charming when he wants to be!

As far as the evaluations were concerned, the observations they made were quite in line with what I expected they would find. The ST thought that he wasn’t as engaged as they would have liked him to have been, but this is quite typical for Eli when he feels uncomfortable in a new place. Even our school district case worker told them that he would take a couple of weeks to adjust.
They also found that he appears to have some low upper body tone and clumsy gross motor movements, especially when climbing stairs. This also was no big surprise to me since Eli almost toddles at times which isn’t quite age appropriate for a 4 year old. Very typical of a child with dyspraxia though. So they suggested that the school district also perform a physical therapy evaluation so that they would be able to provide those services too.

Overall it was a positive visit and the best outcome is that Eli can start the new school on January 16th! I truly believe and have faith that this is the beginning of many good things for Eli. It is my hope that he will blossom and thrive with the right amount of therapy and attention. My only fear is that there will be may be some regression since he will probably be quite obstinate and resistant to his new teachers in typical Elias style; He’ll push every button he can!
A close second to Eli starting on the 16th is that I will no longer be paying for daycare…. Yayyyyyyyyyy!!! Woo hoo momma can now pay some bills on time! ๐Ÿ˜‰

So now that Eli is finally getting settled with a good program, Mommy can now get her ass back to school..
Tomorrow on the agenda: Mommy is registering for college!

P.S. Thank you St. Jude.